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How Do We Sell Your Property – The Red Era Steps

Competitive Market Analysis Before listing your property, we will provide you with a through analysis of the market in your specific neighborhood. This analysis will give you an indication of what you can expect throughout the selling process. Marketing and Advertising One of our primary functions is to give your property maximum amount of visibility. […]

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The Top Ten Service Areas of the Seller Value Proposition

Needs Analysis Help clarify the motivating reason to sell. Determine the seller’s timetable. Pricing Strategy Determine the best selling price strategy given current market conditions. Show resulting net sheet. Property Preparation Advise on Repairs and Improvements. Provide staging strategies. Marketing Strategy Develop marketing plan Establish marketing timetable Receive an Offer Evaluate offers Negotiate to Sell […]

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The Difference Between a Functionary and a Fiduciary

In the past clients always ask us what the difference of Functionary and Fiduciary is. So we created a small chart so you can compare the differences. Functionary Fiduciary Low Level High Level Low Relationship High Relationship Asumes Little Responsibility Accepts High Responsibility Uses Low Skill Masters High Skill Records Information Percieves Information Responds to […]

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